Welcome to the website for STC HealthMed, a special interest group (SIG) in the Society for Technical Communication (STC). Formally founded in the fall of 2018, we are beginning 2019 by launching our final website and social media efforts.   Please follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @STCHealthMed for social media updates, conversations, and connections regarding topics in technical communication in health and medical contexts.  

Social Media Special Sessions

In addition to posting on topics relevant to health and medicine across these platforms, we will be running Social Media Special Sessions on topics of interest to SIG members, which we hope members consider doing at some point in time in the months ahead. As we get these up and running, Social Media Special Sessions tentatively consist of a a few components:
  1. A blog post outlining the topic of interest, posted on Sunday or Monday of a week of your choosing
  2. Control of our social media for the week where you can get conversations going on Twitter and Facebook about the topic; sharing information about the issue with other members; and getting feedback on research-in-progress, practical problems, or other issues
  3. A final culminating blog, posted on Friday or Saturday of your week, that summarizes some of your interactions, what you learned from them, and what your remaining questions are
SIG members in particular are encouraged to propose topics of interest for a Social Media Special Session, though any STC member or student mentee is eligible to participate as well.   To propose a session, please email Heidi Lawrence, SIG Co-manager, at hlawren2[at]gmu.edu to discuss a possible topic and timeline for your session.   Our first session will be on rhetorics of Graves' Disease, run by Luana Shafer, a recent graduate of the MA program in Professional Writing and Rhetoric at George Mason University.   See you on social media, and please send in your proposed ideas for a Special Session!

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Social Media Special Session: Graves’ Disease Research

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